Encrypted text and voice chat for passionate communities

Mumble is a fully encrypted text and voice server that allows you to:
🎉Create public or private community servers
🧙‍♂️Create channels for different topics
💬Send encrypted text and voice chat
📁Share encrypted files securely
🤑Tip helpful community members
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7 Reviews3.6/5
Why use an old VoIP name and a design that 95% looks alike Discord ?????? I mean encrypting VoiP is promising and cool, but why not do it your own way ?
A name that looks like an old gaming voice chat app, and a design like Discord. That's weird 🤔
That seems really promising. But I'm wondering if this is somehow associated with
@noel_byt hey Noel, we are not associate with at all. Thanks for point that out :)
@noel_byt @davidyapdy I feel like choosing to take the same name as already a huge established and open source player in the exact same field isn't very cool...
@noel_byt @buzzb0x hey Ethan, we were not aware that we had the same name with another Mumble. I totally understand how you feel. I would react the same way if a product I love experience the same way it is now. However, the feature we deliver is way more and different than While is a voice chat that is targeted for gamer that requires constant voice communication, our mumble only allow push to talk.
@noel_byt @buzzb0x @davidyapdy That's not exactly a huge differentiating factor to an uninitiated or naive audience. Honestly I'd consider tweaking the name. No comment on the quality of your Mumble, I haven't used it (nor have the need to). I am a long-term user of the existing Mumble, however.
@noel_byt @buzzb0x @davidyapdy @chris_germano Likewise - there isn't really space for another Mumble in anything to do with voice for me. I assumed this was a rebrand for the OSS project.
Been following mumble since the start, mumble is definitely the better version of Discord/Slack when it comes to focusing on community engagement.
@smiiyz Thank you for the kind word!
I'm pretty obsessed with encryption when it comes to chat, just seems like it should be the absolute norm. What makes this different from other offerings?
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron, thanks for checking us out. On the basic level, Mumble was built for communities. After being apart of so many community, their current solution was Slack and Discord. While both of them are fine as a software perspective, they are targeting an entirely different customer. Slack is for workforce and Discord is for gamers. For many communities, they can’t afford to run their community engagement via slack as it can get suuuuuppppeeerrr expensive and their free tier removes message and discord will look too “fun” for many serious communities. Mumble aims to find a middle ground for both of these solution by making it cheaper for communities and much more features like tipping (in Bitcoin), paid channels and more.