MultiTeam for Slack

Slack iOS client for multiple team user

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Not really sure what problem this tries to solve? The Slack iOS already supports multiple teams, and has for a while now.
@raptblue some info must be missing :)
Original Slack supports multi-team, and it's pretty easy to switch from one to another. I can have more teams on my mobile phone than on the desktop app, as I am not limited by the size of my screen. Don't really get which pain point this app is trying to solve. Could you elaborate?
@picsoung @raptblue @tribaling Thank you for your comments. My pain is: When switch to a channel in another team, I have to do following steps. 1. Tap 3 dots and show right column 2. Tap "Switch Teams" 3. Tap target team 4. Tap Slack icon and show team list 5. Tap target channel But this app requires only 2 steps: 1. Tap "< Channels" 2. Tap target channel In addition, sort channels in all teams by last message time like facebook messenger, so I can easily find newest channel in all teams. I've heard about force touch switch team feature in official app, but actually I cannot try it since I'm still using old iPhone 6 Plus...
@muratayusuke seems like a lot of effort to make it easier to change teams. a whole new app to save two taps? the sort by time received is interesting though.
@muratayusuke @picsoung @raptblue @tribaling Or you can 3 finger swipe... Is this an app that was designed to fix one minor UX problem with Slack?
Definitely going to give this a try. However, it's the sorting by time received that I like the sound of, not the multi-team capabilities. Would also like to see an iPad variation or even a web/desktop version as I spend most of my day at a computer, not on mobile.