A modern take on the thesaurus

An invaluable tool for writers, Multisaurus is a powerful and exciting new type of thesaurus. Not just merely a list of synonyms, Multisaurus is a platform for discovering the connections between the synonyms of multiple words.
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This looks like it would be more useful than a normal thesaurus! Thanks

Tools like this, while great conceptually, are only successful if one can actually use the app before subscribing to ANYTHING. I'll never subscribe to a free trial after the cluster-mess I dealt with recently when I forgot to unsubscribe...


It *looks* promising


must subscribe to the 14-day free trial to use... at all.

Thanks for the comments Scott! I understand the caution, I've been there too, where you're worried about a subscription rolling on without you realizing! Just thought I'd clarify though, the 14 day trial of Multisaurus is actually not a subscription, and there are never any automated charges.
Any questions or feedback welcome! What do you think of Multisaurus?
Hi all! I see there are some concerns about subscriptions, just to appease these concerns, I'd like to clarify that the 14 day trial is not a subscription, and there are no automated charges.
It certainly sounds interesting. Is it going to be available on Play Store?
@zvezdalina That's on the to-do list!
How about antonyms?
@vladkorobov Interesting suggestion, we would have to look at how to integrate that.