Multis is a simple and powerful interface designed to access, manage and use your company's crypto.
📊 Monitor your balance in real-time
🔑 Handle multi-access to assets
♻️ Send & receive funds
🤖 Set recurring payments
⚡️ Trade crypto & convert to cash
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Thibaud Elziere
Founder @efounders @fotolia
Hey everyone 👋 I'm super pumped to hunt a product I've been testing for the past weeks. They're now coming out of beta and opening access to their product: a cryptowallet designed for companies. The UX is clean and simple, and the solution works great for companies who manage funds and/or payments in crypto. Give it a try!
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Théophile Villard
building multis
Hiya 🙌 I've been building Multis for several months and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on the product. A quick word about how we built Multis to optimize performance and security: - Multis is a static website: we reduce the attack surface by opting for a minimalistic architecture. - The app is built using ClojureScript: it combines extensive reach (JavaScript), flexibility (Lisp), and optimization (Google Closure). - Multis is connected to the Ethereum blockchain: we don't store your private keys or your funds and let you leverage popular existing solutions such as MetaMask and Portis to access your crypto. - Lastly, Multis builds on top of the popular Gnosis Multisig contract: it's available in open-source, has been thoroughly audited, and is already used by many crypto companies around the world. Today, we're releasing what I call our "Minimum Viable Cryptobank", but you can see what's in store for the future in our public roadmap: Cheers 😉
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Thibaut Sahaghian
Building the cryptobank for companies
Hello Product Hunters✌️ We're thrilled to present Multis, a better way to manage your company's crypto! In a nutshell: > What we're building: Multis is a multisig wallet with a simple interface designed for your team to access, manage, and use your company's crypto. > Why we're building it: With Multis, companies can buy & sell crypto against €, $, handle multi-access to funds, reward providers and their community in crypto, and exchange tokens like DAI to hedge or run payroll. > How we built it: I'll let my co-founder @teawaterwire share more details, but Multis leverages open-source blockchain protocols to guarantee security and ship fast! We'll be here all day to answer any questions and/or feedback, so ask away!
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Jonathan Costet
Head of Marketing

We set up a Multis account in my company a few months ago, it's helped us have better visibility on our funds and access providers and services that only accept crypto. The team is super reactive to feedback and we can't wait to see what they have in store for the next few months!


Great UX


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Jacob ClaerhoutVC by day. Building Merit by night.
Really cool to see a great team take crypto out of its hermetic environment to open it up to anyone for practical use. Love your simple yet practical UX!
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Théophile Villard
building multis
@jacobclaerhout Thanks for the kind words Jacob! 🤗