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Multiplex is a modern rethinking of the research magazine. Built in sprit of Scientific American and Omni Magazine, Multiplex offers first hand accounts of technology research in Voice First, Crypto Currencies, Quantum Computing and more. Things are moving fast and we surface the future with historic context to make sense of it all.

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Hi folks. I built the Read Multiplex app and magazine to surface topics in: * Voice First systems * Voice Commerce * Voice Payments * Quantum Computing * Artificial Intelligence * Machine Learning * All Aspects of Payments * Apple * Amazon * Google * IBM * And More The rate of change is accelerating, there is a convergence in technologies. Voice First, Voice Commerce, AI, Quantum Computing. I hope to help make sense of it all. Join me on this adventure, get “Read Multiplex” in the iOS app store today. You do not need to subscribe to use the Multiplex app and frankly by allowing the push notifications, you will have instant access to the stuff I think is important. All of this is a grand experiment as I am not a professional writer, I pretty much will only write about stuff I am building, consulting on or researching and I hope you enjoy the adventure.
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This is great — I've loved following @brianroemmele's work, and now it's even more accessible through the web and his native app. Awesome resource!
@chrismessina Chris, thank you sir. I really appreciate it.
I'm currently having Apple is solving the far-field voice first identity problem read to me. I can imagine a few meta experiences to come. 😂
Brian is a master. Multiplex will multiply your understanding. Get it.
@benmorris Ben, thank you! Very kind sir.
@benmorris Ben, thank you! Very kind sir.