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#3 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2018

Every day, I find myself having to open the same links over and over (work, favourite sites etc)

I find this extremely inefficient and time consuming. So, the purpose of this extension is to allow you to save those links in one place and open all of them in bulk, with just a click of the button.

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Shawn Wing
Maxym Riabtsev


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Gaurav Kamath
Gaurav Kamath@kamathgaurav · SDE, Microsoft
What is the benefit of using this over a bookmark folder?
KhaiyongMaker@ngkhaiyong · Aspiring inventor.
@kamathgaurav Right now, it's pretty much the same. I guess for now you can use it as a personal dashboard for managing your reports.
Constantin@icostaa · Software Engineer, Co-Founder of Unicode
I was literally researching for a tool like this yesterday (until I discovered the folder thing)... Cool extension!
KhaiyongMaker@ngkhaiyong · Aspiring inventor.
Hey guys, I'm back with a new chrome extension which allows you to open multiple links fast. How it works: 1) Save multiple links in the chrome extension popup 2) Hit the "open all links" button 3) BOOM - All links open immediately This will save you a lot of time every day whenever you want to open up your frequently visited sites. Hope you like it!
Anh Do
Anh Do@quanganhdo · Tinkerer
@ngkhaiyong Isn't it the same as putting all the links in one bookmark folder and right click on the folder to "Open All in New Window"? Works in Safari, too.
KhaiyongMaker@ngkhaiyong · Aspiring inventor.
@quanganhdo to be honest, i didnt know about that function LOL.
Arthur Guiot
Arthur Guiot@arthur_guiot · Developper
@quanganhdo @ngkhaiyong Really? This built-in feature is very good. But your product is still good. I'm sure that people like you who don't know anything about bookmarks will install it.
KhaiyongMaker@ngkhaiyong · Aspiring inventor.
@arthur_guiot Thank you for the encouragement Arthur, will continue to build better products :)
Justin Johnson
Justin JohnsonPro@justinotherjohnson · I've got a few things going on...
I was literally looked no for a tool like this yesterday. Looks like I found it - thanks!
KhaiyongMaker@ngkhaiyong · Aspiring inventor.
@justinotherjohnson No prob Justin. Hope you like it.
Stefan Natter
Stefan Natter@natterstefan · Software Engineer @lovelysystems
Reminds me of I was looking for an alternative. Let's see how your solution can help me. 👍