NYC's food delivery app - a digital layer above the street

Multi allows you to compare minimum order amount and fees across all delivery apps to make the best decision.

Jay Delgato
Ekaterina  Siroshenko
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    Jay DelgatoNegative. I am a meat popsicle.

    Great Idea


    Very early/unusable implementation

    See my comment below

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Checked out the app in southern manhattan. It's a great idea and much needed, but... could use some work. 1) There are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many categories, including some small regions that I literally have never heard of. Abruzzese? Alentejo? Algarve? Anago? Arroceria? And that is literally just from the first 2 pages of As. It's completely ridiculous. It takes 10+ seconds to scroll through the list as fast as I can scroll on an iPhone. There's no need for an "Azores" regional category. Just do "Portuguese". 2) Don't list Portuguese if there are no Portuguese restaurants that deliver to me. There aren't. With actually no exaggeration, 99% of the categories don't deliver to my location. 3) Allow the user to sort categories by popularity or alphabetically and allow them to filter by delivery fees and service fees. Separately-- I NEVER pay service fees, and scrutinize delivery fees very closely. Make it browsable. Most people want to order a lunch salad or turkey sandwich. 4) Once you pick a category, the restaurant browse list has way too much cruft. Facebook pages with giant pictures are not necessary here. All I want to see is Name, Category, Rating, and Fees. 5) The app icons should open their associated apps. I have the Seamless app on my phone, but when I tap a Seamless link to order it opens my web browser to Now grubhub owns Seamless, but its website doesn't launch the app so this is not useful.
Hey @stephaniegolik, Tell us more about what you've built and how it works. What does it do differently from other similar apps out there?
@stephaniegolik @jacqvon I stumbled across Multi by accident from this blog post by Stephanie: - Shame I'm not in NYC, but I thought it looked pretty cool idea, "Compare minimum order amount and fees across all delivery apps to make the best decision."
@stephaniegolik @jacqvon hi Jacqueline! Could you give me names of similar apps? Is Tapster similar?
A food delivery app aggregator and price comparison in one. Nice.
This looks good!
this is awesome; I literally wanted to make one so thank you for making it. I hope you expand to other cities.