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Find anything across all your cloud drives (GDrive, DB, S3, FTP, Bitcasa, Box, OneDrive ++) with global search. Copy files between them directly (not via your computer, no limits). All for free. I stumbled across this when searching for a tool to copy all my stuff from Dropbox over to Google Drive (since they now charge $1.99 for 100GB, vs $9.99 with DB). Not super sexy, but most definitely useful.
@tkrunning I had a very similar experience, moving from Drive to Dropbox --- couldn't believe how fast and useful it was, and I've used it several times since for managing transfers of many other things including FTP to FTP transfers or FTP to Dropbox for backup. Their Amazon S3 storage now supports individual files over 5GB which presents some other interesting options too. Planning a server migration and for $4.99 per month you can transfer a whole lot --- although their free tier will easily cover almost anything you might want to try with your current cloud setup. Even backing up your cloud storage to another cloud account for redundancy.
Hi guys, I'm the developer of MultCloud. I would like to answer any question about this web app for you here. Hope this tool can meet your requirements for cloud management. And your appreciation will encourage us to do better. MultCloud is the first FREE multiple cloud services management tool which puts all cloud drives into one. It supports all major Cloud Drives like SoundCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, box, OneDrive, Yandex Disk, Web DAV etc. With MultCloud, you can: Transfer files across Cloud Drives Transfer files even after power off Scheduled transfer Transmit Multi-server parallel Manage cloud files Use more free space etc. For more detail info, please refer to: MultCloud can save you from tedious cloud drives management life. You don't even need to download it, just login the website, with a few clicks, MultCloud will let your cloud management become easier, faster and more efficient.

Finally! One to rule them all. (Dropbox, G Drive, One Cloud, S3, FTP and many others)

I looked for a service to transfer data between my cloud services without going through an end device (Computer\phone). You just launch a task and forget about it.

MultCloud worked remarkably well for me, and it's free! (there is a premium version but I did advanced stuff and was far from needing to upgrade)

Cloud services are hard to switch, you're pretty quickly becoming a 'captured audience' due to the switch cost. I like that MultCloud sets you free in that sense.

You can also sync between folders in different clouds - one-way, two-way and many other modes.

Only con I can think of is it's web only, no mobile apps, the website doesn't even have a mobile version. That's the main reason I won't use it as THE one cloud I use and only use it for syncing folders and doing complex transfers between clouds.

Bottom line, I love what MultCloud enables and look forward too see how they evolve


Works across all cloud services\drives I know, free, handles transfer of huge folders with multiple files between clouds, sync folders


Not on mobile