A simple and easy to use Instagram styled marketplace

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Hello Hunters, my name is Josh and I am the Co-Founder of Mula. I am pleased to say this is my first product I have created that has made it onto Product Hunt - I couldn't be more excited! Mula is an Instagram styled marketplace that makes buying and selling your own products incredibly simple. We’ve integrated social features into our marketplace that allows users to like, follow, comment and message interesting users, influencers and brands. We decided to create Mula as we found current mobile shopping experiences frustrating and clunky. Our drive to use the latest technology such as Apple Pay and our obsession with UX has lead to the creation of a product that we think is truly unique. I’ll be here to answer any questions that you may have so please do ask away! Josh
And what's different from Depop? - seems like is a very similar approach, except that Depop payments are on Paypal not Stripe
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How is this going to compete with the likes of Facebook Marketplace?
@bentossell Great question! Facebook Marketplace is very different to Mula in many different ways. The way to think about Facebook Marketplace is as a classifieds section in your local newspaper. They display items that are being sold in your local area. They then expect you to meet up with the person to exchange cash for the item being purchased. This model limits the amount of items you can purchase and customers that you can sell to due to geographical limitations - it also means you have to leave your comfy home :). Mula is different to this, we rely on Stripe Connect to process payments in a secure manner (you should check out their new AI fraud protection system, its very cool). This allows users to buy and sell nationally and even internationally as items can just be posted instead. Secondly Mula is a very different model to the classifieds model that Facebook Marketplace uses. Users can follow their friends, influencers and brands that they are interested in. This allows users to create their own personal feed of products being sold based on their interests. Just like how you follow users on Instagram. Added on top of this are the usual social features (liking, commenting and messaging) which we believe separate us from the likes of Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Craigslist. I hope this adds some clarity, Josh
Good idea, but I think instagram will add something like this in the near future. Same how they does if for FB.
@verkalets Hi Ivan, thank you very much for the compliment and we also share your concern. We certainly have thought about the idea of Instagram adding a similar feature as it would be silly not to do so. However we believe that the only way they would be able to do so is if they do something similar to the FB Marketplace. However if I can refer you to the response I gave to @bentossell it outlines our views on the issues that surround models similar to the FB Marketplace. An alternative scenario is if Instagram were to implement a system similar to our own. The more we think about this scenario the more we think Instagram won't do this. It would require such a substantial shift in their business model, apps and website that we feel confident enough to pursue our idea. All the best, Josh