A very special little place, all your own.

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Normally I dislike auto-playing audio on landing pages but this site creates a mood that's memorable. Apparently they're being sold in August this year in Japan for ¥3,000,000 (~$43,000). There's also a YC company, Boxouse, from the last batch that's building something similar in the U.S.
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@rrhoover Muji looks like what Boxouse should have been... great site, well designed space, great visuals.. Boxous looks like they built their site with their iPhone.
@rrhoover I think it works here because there's no apparent alternative to do anything else besides watch what's being presented (aside from the absolute sereneness)
@rrhoover Wouldn't that be more around $27,000 USD? I'm assuming its Japanese Yen not Chinese Yen
@steventhanna @rrhoover its £21265.51 or £27225.2100 - wow enough to buy a house in parts of Wales. Its beautiful but I wish these things come in at no more than the £2000 mark and is sustainable and eco friendly (putting together extra)
I need a bathroom!
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I really like the design of this hut. As an idea its really similar to those huts build from shipping containers (we call them: "konttikoti" in Finnish). Really cool product! 👌
When you think about it, 43k is still a lot of money for this size. This will remain a rich persons toy for a while.
@arecenello yeah. you need land etc
This is a redesign of an older product. There's also the 9 tsubo house from Boo Hoo Woo if you need just a little more space
@abasa Oh wow the 9 tsubo is amazing looking!