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Google Trends for analyzing news articles

Uncover insights, visualize news in real-time and easily generate charts and graphs with this free tool from Muck Rack
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We realized there was no free tool on the web to make graphs of the news, similar to Google Trends but for news articles rather than web searches, so we built it and made it free! You can see some prebuilt trends at: It supports full boolean if you want to do very specific searches. You can also see the top authors and outlets who has published the most articles about a given topic or set up topics (e.g. top authors about ‘baseball’ and ‘basketball’), and see the percentage and number of articles mentioning terms relative to the total number of articles written about all terms. Would love any feedback or ideas!
@gregory Hi greg, I'm a big fan of this new tool and Muck Rack in general. I especially love its simplicity and ease-of-use. I've even tested it's accuracy a bit and the results are solid. We're working on something related where we feature the Top Rated articles, authors, and outlets writing about any topic/key term. Maybe we should chat! -Chase Palmieri (CEO at Credder)
Congrats on the launch! The tool looks good. I've very recently (2 days ago!) launched a tool around spotting trends on PH (Treendly). We should collab! 🚀
@gregory congrats! love how simple and easy to use it is!