MuchSkills is a strengths visualization tool that helps you look into your skills and your team’s in a new way, for a more productive, engaged and happier work life.
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Hello @noel_braganza, I think there is value in what you are trying to build. I have done a little playing around inside your web app, and what I feel missing is a better color coded display of my skills, software and expertise. These black circles use a lot of ink to say little and I don't have much control in their position and size (yes I can see that I can resize them, but when I resize one the others adjust too, so I never feel in control). So, the visual side for me is the weak part for now. The idea to visualize my profile and skills and then to be able to embed, share, publish or export to PDF or PNG suits me as interesting and useful. Keep on the good work! Robin
@robingood Hey Robin, thanks so much for your kind words and feedback. I am glad you see what we are trying to build. For our next releases, we plan on improving on the visualizations as well as the information it conveys. We wanted give users the ability to prioritize their skills in a different way and see why that might be a bit confusing to start with. Still lots to fix, add and improve. But it's really nice to get your feedback. The PNG and PDF thing is in our current backlog, so hopefully we can release that soon as well. It's all very exciting and also fun to create. <3
A little announcement from me to my friends here on Product Hunt. Daniel and I are happy to announce the launch the alpha version of - A skills and strengths visualisation tool that we have been working hard to ship. 🚀 #MuchSkills began with a simple thought. Everyone essentially wants to do their best work. This is exactly what the platform aims to help people do. Create your MuchSkills profile and share it back here if you like it. It requires a little bit of self-reflection in order to create, but I suppose there could be no better time to start. 😊 Help yourself and others get a better understanding of what kind of work energizes you. You can also join a little team we created called Friends of MuchSkills that I would love for you to join if you like. Do that by clicking this link below. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing more from the community at PH. ❤️
?makers, great job, for future - it would be really nice to have skill visualizations in the form of script to embed to my personal site or CV.
@vadim_stankevich Hey!! Thanks for the support! And yes, being able to embed, pdf and also print your skills visualization is very much a part of our road map. So happy for your suggestion.
[UPDATE] We have now received over 350 sign ups over the past 5 days and just wanted to say a big thank you to the Product Hunt community. We are so happy with the response, and have already started taking in account all the amazing feedback. Do check out my MuchSkills profile as well here. 🦄