Your simple day-to-day research tool for Twitter

MuchCast is a simple day to day research tool for Twitter, which helps you access most relevant, accurate, real-time social data out of cumbersome data noise. It gathers your daily research content easily, without wasting your time and effort scrolling through scattered Twitter data load repetitively.

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Great job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Genuinely this product is so simple to use. This one is going to make my researches on tech products way easier.

Good luck for the Team. Hoping to see your features (Specially Sentiment analysis: D) in road map soon. :D


It's so simple and easy to use.


Nothing for now (I'll complain, If I'm not getting Sentiment analysis soon :D )

@nilaxshaan Glad you loved it, and thanks a lot for sharing the feedback :). Indeed we are improving the app day by day, We are working hard to provide the Sentiment & Emotion based tweet filters soon. Keep in touch.
Hey Everyone! I am Dilusha from @muchcast. First of all, thanks, @_jacksmith for hunting us and helping us out :) We are really excited to launch MuchCast in Product Hunt today. We started MuchCast as solving a problem we saw in Gathering Twitter Data for Research Purposes. And We wanted to make a product that is easy and nifty enough to use in day to day things. While we were exploring few products out in the market, we noticed few issues with those products, most of the products out there are complex, expensive and the quality of data was not prominent for day to day research needs. Today we are launching MuchCast on Product Hunt with a promising public beta for few months. We are hoping to use this time period to get valuable user feedback from users and refine our concept better and better in the future. Please feel free to give it a try and give us the feedback, we will most likely to add any valid feature requests to our stunning roadmap backlog :D. MuchCast - Current Future Roadmap - Sentiment and Emotion Analysis Based Filters - Smart Alerts - ( You can create specific alerts which will notify you when the criteria for your research matches ) - Dropbox Integration for Reports Do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding the product and we are here to answer them :)
Hello Product Hunters, We are excited to provide amazing discounts (once our app is ready after the beta run) for PH users who visit our app through Product Hunt. So please don't forget to subscribe our email list, which would pop up when you visit our site.

I was not able to get any meaningful data for simple keywords such as mobile, smartphone, wearable, etc. There is no hints and autocompletion. Probably better UX is next step to real success


promising data mining tool


hard to prove what it is worth

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Hi Andrey, Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it :). We are currently working on improving the search algorithm to filter out unnecessary data, and also working on the UX to provide an enhanced version after the beta period is over. Stay in touch.