Modern jukebox app - Listening music together should be fun.

The main idea behind mubo is to decide music together. So what's the best way to do this today? We think using a simple app is just the right solution for that. But we did not want to develop just a simple jukebox app where you can up and down vote songs. So we developed mubo - a jukebox system which works more like a game. We hope you like it :)

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I have used it on one private party.


A lot of fun!


Allow more songs :-)

Some news about mubo :) The iOS update 1.2 for Musicbox and Voter is online and will follow in the next days for Android. What’s new? We have listened to your feeback and have implemented a often requested feature. You can now add songs to the Musicbox using the Voter. You could turn this feature on or off in the settings of your Musicbox. Voters can then search for songs on Fanburst and add them to your Musicbox. If you have connected your Musicbox with Spotify, Voters can also add songs from Spotify. You can now access popular playlists from Fanburst and add them to your Musicbox. Fanburst is a free streaming service, more information can be found at Enjoy the update Your mubo Team
Update 1.3 For a good party you need not only the right music, but also cool light. How do you get a really cool lighting? – Exactly, with Philips Hue. That’s why the Musicbox can now connect to Philips Hue. Your Musicbox transports the mood of the current song directly to your lighting by analyzing the artwork. At each cooldown your lights will alert you about a new round, so your guests will never miss the cooldown.
Hi everyone, we have an update for your Musicbox. This time we redesigned the playlist selection. Some of you wanted to be able to add individual songs of a playlist to the Musicbox. That’s possible from now on. In addition to that, we have changed the playlist selection in general. You will see playlists from Spotify and playlists from mubo next to your own Spotify playlists for example. These playlists should help you to get a good basic selection of songs available for your guests. We hope you like the update. We look forward to receiving your feedback. Your mubo Team