Mubert is the futuristic music app that uses AI to generate unique music personally to each listener. Use likes and dislikes to teach Mubert about your musical preferences. Also you can save the favorite moments and share them via Instagram or Snapchat.
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UPD!!! We just released the secret channel only for Product-Hunters! Code: huntmeifyoucan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi everyone Here comes the 'new' Mubert, with personalization features: likes/dislikes, faves, shares. Now each listener has his own Mubert. Today Mubert is an extremely modern music app, that is used by more than 200,000 trendsetters worldwide. Look through the video, follow our instagram and feel free to ask your questions. PS. If you have a product that needs music (app, game, hardware etc), mail me on
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Best example of generative music!
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@zahareus the secret channel: huntmeifyoucan
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Will you do this on web? It would be a pleasure for me to use this app on web, because sometimes you need smth like this, but can't use a phone.
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@markobabych the secret channel: huntmeifyoucan
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@markobabych I second this. I would use this at work all the time at my desk.
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@markobabych It's available on the web here:
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о, нихуя себе. Давно за вами наблюдаю! респект
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Been using it for a while now. Kudos with the update fellas
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@akimovnv the secret channel: huntmeifyoucan
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