Convert friendships into a relationship without the risk 😘


Do you hold back expressing your feelings for your friends due to fear of rejection? MTJF is a sure shot way of finding if your friend is interested in you too!

MTJF is a Tinder with all your friends (even if they haven't signed up on MTJF yet). With MTJF, 'Like' any friend who's contact is saved on your phone. If they 'Like' you too, its a Match!

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Harshwardhan Parashar
Mayank Pratap
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    good solution. I think many people will need that. Definately gonna try out asap


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    Will tell my friends about MTJF

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  • Pros: 

    A tinder with all your friends! Helps to know if your friend is interested in you without any risk/ embarrassment.


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    1. Clean UI

    2. Secret Profile

    3. Anonymous Chat

    4. Gamification and growth hacking

    5. Emojis

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