Your phone measures you for the perfect fitting custom shirt

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Thanks to @justinkan for pointing this out today. Excited to hear about how this product inception came about. Would be cool to see if this technology could be used by other clothing brands as a way to customize existing product offerings. @rafiwitten & @msjpenn care to jump in discuss?
I wanted to be able to look great and not spend a ton of time trying things on. We built MTailor so you'd be able to get a perfectly fitting shirt without the hassle of going to store. @msjpenn will tell you a slightly different story. :-)
And we're definitely all about getting this technology into as many user's hands as possible - whether by selling a broader variety of clothing, partnering with existing brands to customize their clothing or helping you find off-the-rack clothing in your size.
@rafiwitten really smart.. this would be perfect for @PistolLake and many other brands.
@BlendahTom definitely! It's something we'd love to do one day.
I have a similar story as Rafi. I love looking great, but I never order clothes online because they never fit and I hate returning things. So we've made an experience where you're in and out in under 5 minutes but guaranteed a better fit than if you went to the store. We're very excited about our own shirts and want to roll out custom for your whole wardrobe (suits, jeans, etc...), but we also believe we could be very useful for other brands. But then again, I'm a little biased :-).
The app is easy to use, and the custom measurement process is surprisingly quick + straight-forward. Nice fabric options, and some of the style-related features I liked most included (1) the ability to get a shirt cut based on how you'll wear it (e.g. tucked v. untucked); and (2) the ability to request specific collar and cuff styles (including a french cuff). The shirt I ordered is en-route, so I can't comment on that just yet.