MTA for Chrome

Switch between logged in Twitter accounts seamlessly.

Multiple Twitter Accounts for Chrome (MTA) is a simple Google Chrome Extension to let you switch between multiple Twitter logged in accounts pretty simple.
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Useful for me. Thanks for creating.
Hey @mballance thanks for letting us know, it's really encouraging! If you want to help us spreading the word, leave us a review in the Google Chrome Store 🙌 Have an awesome day!
Hey Hunters 👋 Here @glabeek and @alexisesposito the makers ;) Our platform @dailead works with Twitter and since we manage a couple of accounts on a daily basis for our clients we had to login and logout from Twitter every single time we wanted to authenticate on Dailead. We were looking to solve that simple itch. The extension It's not the first of its kind, you can find a couple of alternatives in the Google Chrome Store but one thing made us move forward and crafted it. Couple of the most populars Google Chrome Extensions aren't compatible with the latest version of Twitter. We expect to attract some of those users 😇. If you use multiple Twitter accounts go ahead and give it a try. Switching between Twitter accounts in your desktop hasn't to be a pain in the a** anymore 🙌 Have a great day 🤙

looking for more useful tools for making SMM activities simpler


Easy using


Don'r find yet

Thanks for your review @xeniagoron! If you want to help us spreading the word leave us a Google Chrome Store review, thank you again 🙌
This is so awesome, thank you for creating this :)