Easiest way to gather all your messengers with one link

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Hey, everybody! Special thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! Our service allows you to gather all messengers by one link and make a connection with you much easier than before. Now you don’t need to remember your Skype username or give somebody your telephone number to find out you at WhatsApp or Viber. Everything you need is one link with all necessary information about how to contact you. Just take a look how compact and aesthetic it can looks: Also, you have a possibility to add a custom button with the link on your corporate website or blog at your profile. You can change your background colors on images with the corporate pattern or some advertising and promote your account on social networks and through unique email sign. Now we’re working on analytics and some new features for our service, which will be accessible in the near future. We really hope you love it - please let us know if you have any questions, we would love to chat 😃
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@ross_gorbachenko Looks so simple and beautiful (compared to so many other products seen here on Product Hunt) One quick thing - I would prefer the thumbnail of the whole page when I share on social media instead of the just the profile pic, not a deal breaker though. Also, can't we make the white card a little transparent? What are the few features you have planned? Looks like we cannot add more than one custom button, right?
@adithya, thank you for your comment! We know that such a problem exists, so now we're working on sharing the whole page, not only profile pic. It's already transparent and if we make more – some of the signs will be invisible. We'll implement analytics and bots soon. Now it's one custom button, but maybe we'll add a possibility to make more than one. If you have a profile at – we'll notice you about new features via email.
@ross_gorbachenko @kwdinc You should try and integrate the Skype Web Control. This way people can even contact you without having Skype installed.
I think everybody on this page can agree that there's something here! It's just two or three iterations away from being great. Love it though, Hope you guys crush it!
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@futi, thank you for your upvote and such a words, which give us strength to move on 🙌
Nice interaction design too!
@kunalslab, we're happy that you like it! Soon we'll make more functions and interactions!
I always forget to take business cards. This service should greatly simplify the process. I'm wondering do you support email too? I prefer to do some communications via email.
@dmitry_osipa, thank you for your upvote and comment! We're thinking about that, so maybe in nearest future will add the field for email. Also, all of our users get email newsletters with updates and new functions, so you'll be notified about that.
This is great, would love to see options for more custom buttons though!
@jamesfrewin1, thank you so much for your upvote! I really appreciate the support!