Animated video-selfie masks

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Hey! Masquerade founder here. We've just submitted a new version of the app, waiting for review. In the new version we've added a support for iPads, requires iOS 8.4, improved the performance for 4s devices and other fixes. If you want to see the use cases of the app please look at instagram Thank you!
@unknownflasher all my kids and their cousins love this app! I used the FaceStealer a few years back, but this is much higher quality. I hope you're able to keep adding new masks.
@unknownflasher is it bootstrap or did you use a 3rd party sdk?
This is amazing, and it works so well, I'm just... Baffled
Can't believe this is free. Much better than Snapchats version. First app to blow me away in awhile.
The rendering is simply astonishing. Great work guys! Definitely using this :)
Cool app. I did notice that when I used it, there's flickering around my lips regardless of my own movement (happened on most of the masks). That said, it does a pretty good job (relative to google hangouts) at recognizing and tracking my brown face.
@johnpjoseph noticed the same thing. But still pretty damn cool regardless! Good job guys.