MS4 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

Hybrid in ear monitors with quad drivers.

Hidizs Mermaid MS4 is the game-changing MS4 hybrid quad drivers in-ear monitor earphones for active listeners, delivering a powerful sound experience and easy way to upgrade your hi-fi system. A pair of high-end earphones that cater for all usage scenarios.

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What's the different between earphones and in-ear monitor earphones?
Paul Tancopywriter
@imran_hussain1 Hi, earphones is a general category of devices. In-ear earphones is a type for the earphones. And "monitor" is a grade and using case for the earphones.
Patrick Black JrFrontend Web Developer
@imran_hussain1 @paul_tan No. In-ear monitors are for musicians and producers on a stage or in the studio for personal monitoring so they can hear themselves and other instruments. Using a case has nothing to do with it. Monitor is a classification, not a grade.