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Hi Product Hunt! My co-founder Sammy and I built Ms Clutch to make sports simple. We noticed that a lot of relationships are built over sports conversations, but not everyone is participating. Not everyone grew up watching/playing sports. Jumping into ESPN News or Yahoo Sports can be daunting, because those articles are written for veteran sports fans. I'm the sports noobie and Sammy is the veteran. Together, we want to deliver simple content that helps you build sports knowledge over time! Let's talk sports!
This reminds me of Skimm but for sports. I like it!
@callmewilsar Awesome! We're working on our content and would love any type of feedback. One of our missions is to teach and help people build their sports knowledge over time. We see ourselves as coaches and news reporters.
@sammy_lee I'm glad to learn that. i've bookmarked the site and downloading on iTunes now :)
This is a great idea! Are you and Sammy curating the material in this conversations or can anyone basically chime in as well? Also I'm assuming this is for all sports?! :)
@whoisnatelam Hey Nathan! At this point, we're currently testing and refining our own content, so we know what types of articles are most engaging. At some point in the near future, we would love to have our users not only chime in but help develop this community because there's so much sports going on everywhere!
@sammy_lee Good to know. Let me know when this goes mainstream. The hottest topic will always be "When will Seattle get a basketball team"? haha :) #GoSonics
@whoisnatelam The hottest topic will be when the Warriors beat the Cavs tomorrow.... haha
This is crazy, I was having a conversation with someone about this problem yesterday. Nice work and Go Sports Team!
@almackin Thanks for the support Al! Feel free to message me whenever you have feedback for us.
Wow this is great!
@littlejazzhands Thanks for the support Daniel, and please let us know if you think we can do anything better. :)