Running tracker application with GPS map and livestream mode

Awesome tracking application for runner. Records and analytics entry your activities with your phone GPS. Keep focus on your workout, all metric you can imagine await. Reach your goals and check your rank in world ranking or friend ranking. Easy to share your efforts with friends right in app.

Let your friends join your running in live-stream mode.

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Great job !! 😊 How’s this different from others ?
@ayush_chandra Best feature that we have is Live Stream mode, that will let you invite and show your current position for your friend and family join and catch up with you on your run.
@ayush_chandra @thaiadang And how is that different from Strava Beacon ?
@otaillon thanks for your interested in mRunner. In Strava Beacon, maximum safety contacts are able to see your location on a map in real time is only 3. In mRunner, we provide unlimited contacts you want to share your location. If you have a group of runners, you can share your location with them. So that everyone in that group can join with you any time on your running.
Awesome product