Live filters & face swap masks for video selfies.

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Does nobody see the irony of this app's name? A ridiculously blatant me too app copies MSQRD and calls its self Mirror Mirror. To the creator(s) you have the programming talent, can't you do something original with it? It's at times like this that I wish ProductHunt had a downvote button.
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@frassmith wow, so much hate. I have no idea who these guys are, but have you ever considered that they might have worked on this fr some time / started at the same time MSQRD did? Also what's the problem? Only MSQRD is allowed to do live video filters/FX "because they got some press first, and got acquired first"? I'm not too sure about this line of thought...
@tim_lb Sorry, it got me at a bad moment, maybe I was a bit too harsh, but, TBH, I don't think I was as harsh as some of the other comments. This is just one of the things that I find frustrating about the app landscape. Every runaway success is followed by a host of me too apps. this is the second face swapping copy that I've seen here. I just wish people would try to come up with something more original.
@frassmith And to rub it in, they got featured as best new app by Apple, starting to lose faith in the App Store editors, are they getting paid off? I feel like if you got the money, you can pay to be featured. The creator is George Berkowski, he also wrote a book called "How to Build A Billion Dollar App" I read the book, and it was a really vague stuff BTW, but I missed the chapter where he said just ripoff an app that works. Also the tech to do face tracking stuff is super easy now, lots of tech companies in Europe will let you the SDK for a yearly price that's fairly cheap, they will even design your 3D masks for cheap too.
This might be saddest display of unoriginal app development I have ever seen. Didn't this guy write the "Billion Dollar App" book. Bravo sir.
Blatant rip-off with incredibly odd license timer. Quickly deleted after 30 second demo was up. Don't waste your time, or reward this lack of effort.
Helps record video selfie animations, swap faces and masks, change the way you look and send it to friends via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. @rrhoover you have got to try this one :)
@kwdinc please stop promoting this
bad. not good. deleted.