Subscription analytics with deep customer segmentation

MRRly is subscription analytics service with detailed MRR, cohort and unit economics analytics for your business with deep customer segmentation based on your payments data.
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Hi everyone and thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! I'm glad to present to you our service for data driven decisions based on your financial data. This service provides your deep customer segmentation and helps to make correct decisions. For you, we give coupon "chrismessina" for 80% discount forever
@daniil_khanin Oh yeah, MRRly looks awesome. I wish I had it before we built our reporting monster via PowerBI :) by the way, how about an interview about it at Send me an email to Paul(at) if interested!
Great product from unit economics guru 👌🏻
Seems quite powerful! Good luck!
Congrats Daniel! I'm using this tool as an early adopter and it is really useful for cohort analysis, segments and it looks really nice.