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Hey Peter, similar question: How is this different than which also does something like this and gets metrics from a variety of places?
@suhail Hey Suhail, yes, ChartMogul is similar in this regard (although only on their Pro plans), and the current MRR value is in line with what calculates (great!), however the historical numbers within ChartMogul are not accurate (not great...) - this is likely due to the fact that ChartMogul generates metrics based on invoices (according to their website), while uses events, arguably more complex, but also more accurate, as it catches every little change within your account. Besides that their paid plans are almost twice as expensive as (even before the 30% off offer) and they don't offer free plan.
Hi Product Hunters! Your SaaS business + = happy you Even happier you with a special 30% off for life offer, only for Product Hunters - keep reading! crunches the data to deliver the most accurate metrics about your business’ health (MRR, LTV, Churn, etc) directly to your inbox every Monday morning. Stripe and support, with more data sources available soon. How can your business benefit from using • If you’re a small SaaS business (up to 100 paying customers) - you can use for free, for as long as you want, without any restrictions in functionality - this is our way of giving back to the community and we’re committed to it. • If you’re a medium/large SaaS business -’s top priority is the accuracy of the results. We do everything we can to make sure the numbers we crunch for you (both current and historical) are precise - no cutting corners! This is why handles payments in 32 currencies and lets you set up the base currency for your account, among other things. Try it out for free today - play around with a fully featured demo ( or plug your own data to see the results for your business - we offer a 30-day free trial, no credit card required, no strings attached. And to sweeten the deal, we have a 30% off for life offer, exclusively for Product Hunters - all you have to do is to reach out via email ( or in-app chat and ask for it before your trial is over.
Hey Peter, How is this different from BareMetrics? (I've noticed the price is pretty different, which is good, but wondering if it's a sustainable business..)
@mnlfrgr Yes, price is one of the differences. Besides that there are multiple data sources that can be combined, e.g. Stripe+Paddle, or Stripe+manual entry (soon!) to give you a good overview of your business' health - I've learned that many companies have at least a few customers charged via invoice or other means, besides Stripe, and they want to be able to have that info included in the metrics. More data sources will be available in the near future. On top of that there's the accuracy that I mentioned in my intro comment - from my own short testing it seems like gives you the MRR (and all other metrics based off of it) that is very precise and accurate (including daily fluctuations in currency conversion rates) vs a ballpark figure.