Read this for the first time a few months ago and loved it! Recommended to a few friends, and this happened:
@nbashaw couldn't agree more, it's such a fun adventure!
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan (@robinsloan) reminded me why I love reading. It's a cerebral adventure that captures the magic permeating San Francisco right now. It's like if Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist visited the Bay Area. I read it immediately after Dave Egger's The Circle and the two are a perfect pairing, approaching the same issues from very different directions.
This book is somehow firmly rooted in San Franciso's tech scene and all of your favorite dusty used bookstores. It loves both equally and will be a great read if you do, too. (Also great: author Robin Sloan's email newsletter, which is rare but always a delight.)