Mr. Mustachio

A small game about numbers and a long moustache!

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Hi guys, developer here. ‘Mr. Mustachio’ at its heart, is a small and simple game. I have just used the basic addition subtraction concepts, put them in a grid, thrown in a few colors and somehow managed to relate it all to a moustache :D :D. Hopefully it has come out as a fun and challenging game. I hope you all try it out and like it. Any kind of feedback is more than welcome. The premise of the game is simple: Given a grid of numbers and a rule, just find the row or column which matches the rule before the time runs out! The further you go, the longer Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grow! Easy as you like it! (There are some quirky rules though ;)) The game has multiple difficulty modes but currently more people seem to be playing at the easier modes. I hope more people take up the challenge at the Hard difficulty level :) Thank you for your patience. And again, eager to hear any feedback/suggestion/critique in order to improve the game.
Mr. Mustachio got nice coverage on the Puzzle and Education Category Pages of the Indian App Store. This helped the game get good number of downloads. It also provided a good opportunity to improve the game. The game has now got a couple of updates since then. Version 1.2 was released on 5th November and focussed on bringing the In-App Purchases to the game. The players can now get rid of ads and also buy packs of the in-game currency. Version 1.3 was released on 18th November and it was aimed at adding the Mr. Mustachio iMessage Stickers! The new iMessage Stickers seem to be everyone's favourite at the moment and it was a good time to give the players more than just the game. The wide range of Mr. Mustachio's expressions can serve as good emoticons :)
The game is continuously improving via regular updates. Two more updates have been pushed to the AppStore. v1.4: This was the Holiday Season release. Mr. Mustachio was in super holiday mood and we decked him up as Santa in this update. This was a small precursor to the ability to customise Mr. Mustachio in the future. Some fundamental changes in how the game plays was also done regarding the number of aids provided to the player. Some game difficulty balancing was also done between the different difficulty modes. Also, from this release onwards, we have started to keep a Graphical Track Record of a player’s scores and performance! We have a super-duper secret formula which calculates proficiency in the game and presents a graphical chart of it! v1.5: The first release of 2017!! Mr. Mustachio is back to being his usual self and dropped his Santa avatar (which he donned on in v1.4). We also added a new personal News Ticker bringing the top news from around the globe! No. Not really. But there is a ticker and it does show some info. Hopefully it will show something important some day. Sigh! Apart from the standard playing rule, there are some variations which the regular players would have found out. Now to offer better gameplay, these variations would be discovered by players one by one. Also, we give a count of how many rules player has discovered and how successful they have been in tackling them. Also we gave them some silly titles. They show up when a new rule is discovered! Many more updates are planned and will be released shortly.