Mr Math

Math game. Looks easy. Is hard.

Also has a pretty cool trailer:
Good fun and could well become my new game for tube journeys! What type of high score should I be aiming for? Is 63 (on classic) any good?
Hey there! Mr Math is a small side-project of mine. It combines dead simple math with fast-paced gameplay. In short, a wishful attempt at turning math into an arcade experience. And yes, it looks easy, but it’s pretty hard (especially Classic Mode). Still needs a decent lot of polishing, but I do hope you’ll spend a nice moment. Last but not least, and for the occasion, I just unlocked the full game (two extra game modes) for the day, enjoy ! Feedbacks (and high scores) welcome ! I’m really thankful for being featured in such high company ;) Alexis
Hi Youssef, 63 in classic mode, is already a pretty decent score! My highscore is 103. Keep training, and share your highscore with the app, I'll be watching ;)