Experience the power of blockchain derivatives trading!

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MPX is a decentralized exchange simulation powered by MARKET Protocol, which enables users to experience the benefits of derivatives on the Ethereum blockchain. Easily trade MARKET Protocol contracts to go long or short crypto assets, hedge your favorite token, gain cross-chain price exposure to bitcoin, and much more.

  • Barbie Elsasser
    Barbie ElsasserDigital Solution Seeker

    Hedge, trade derivatives on the blockchain



    This is an exciting new product that can change the marketplace for cryptocurrencies

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  • Pros: 

    Decentralised. Allowed you to get price exposure on new and exotic asset class that is not offered on other exchanges.


    In Beta, looking forward to mainnet

    Definitely keeping my eyes on this product

    Gavin Low has used this product for one week.
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Phil Elsasser
Phil ElsasserMaker@phil_elsasser · CTO and Co-Founder of MARKET Protocol
Hello Hunters, I’m Phil, co-founder and CTO at MARKET Protocol. We’ve built MPX, a decentralized derivatives exchange. With the beta version of MPX, you can trade derivatives in a simulated environment on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet to experience what's possible with MARKET Protocol. You can use MPX to protect the value of your crypto, or profit by going long (or short) on major cryptocurrencies with safe leverage. Even diversify your holdings across non-crypto relationships like the S&P 500 and OIL, all from your MetaMask wallet! Tips to get started: - You must have the MetaMask browser extension installed. You can learn more and install MetaMask from - With MetaMask installed and set up, navigate to MPX ( and switch MetaMask to the Rinkeby Test Network - Next you’ll need some testnet ether (ETH) and collateral. Rest assured, it’s free! Just watch our demo to get started
We appreciate your feedback and are here to answer all your questions. Either DM me or leave a comment below, thanks!
Tyler Scott Ward
Tyler Scott Ward@lordtylerward ·,
Market is one of those projects that could truly change crypto and the blockchain space. Projects like this only come around so often and have game changing dynamic potential. I absolutely can't wait to use it. Great work guys.
Louis Lapat
Louis Lapat@louis_lapat · run, code, sleep, repeat.
@lazar_jovanovic I'm not a trader but do hold some ETH. How would you suggest I use MPX to hedge my position? BTW, love the UI!
Lazar Jovanovic
Lazar JovanovicHunter@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@louis_lapat Well, since I'm personally not a financial advisor, I can't make that call for you, but once MPX goes live on mainnet you could use any ERC20 token as contract collateral and short ETH to profit from its price decline. You can now test that use case with MPX beta, by trading our ETH/USDT contract listed on the exchange 😉
Louis Lapat
Louis Lapat@louis_lapat · run, code, sleep, repeat.
@lazarjovanovic1 Ahh okay, cool. When you guys going on the mainnet?
Lazar Jovanovic
Lazar JovanovicHunter@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@louis_lapat We are going to announce that sometime in the future, for now, what we are looking for is an honest feedback upon which we will work to ensure flawless UX for when we do launch on mainnet 😃 Thanks for checking it out
Ahaan@ahaanpandit · The Man with Contacts
Love the ui on this. Great job
Lazar Jovanovic
Lazar JovanovicHunter@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@ahaanpandit Thanks, let us know if you need any help with trading! 🚀
Youssef Selkani
Youssef Selkani@usfslk · Software Development Consultant
I love trading and crypto but your landing page do not provide enough information about what you provide. Maybe I just don't understand what's the goal here. Also the UI is not optimized for mobile devices, the charts and other stuff don't stack
Lazar Jovanovic
Lazar JovanovicHunter@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@usfslk thank you for your feedback, we are working towards improving the overall user experience on desktop by providing people useful information about the exchange as soon as they access the landing page. As far as mobile/tablet optimization, we expect to devote some resources to those environments as well, but for now, you are able to get the most out of MPX if you use it on your PC in Google Chrome browser. If you need any help completing your first trade, check out the video in the most upvoted maker comment, and feel free to reach out to us on Telegram - 😃