Download your Spotify tracks, playlists, albums to Mp3

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This is definitely piracy.
Sounds good, is this legal?
@javierrov I dont think so ! :( what about the copyrights?
@javierrov Probably depends on your country's laws. The site is not directly downloading or storing any files, just getting them at Should be no less legal than any of youtube to mp3 converters
@javierrov As convenient as these services may be, using them definitely qualifies as copyright infringement and would also be a violation of the Spotify user agreement.
@mhlavacka There's no chance in hell that this is legal. Whether is stores the data or not is irrelevant. It procures the data in a permanent way when that is not what an ephemeral streaming service is designed for. Why not spend your efforts finding a way to change the system legally? I'm not pretending I haven't used things like this in the past, but I don't see a viable long term strategy here.
This is completely illegitimate. You can't download anything, it would be illegal if you could, spotify doesn't work like that, and there are popups galore. AVOID.
Pro tip: click "DMCA" in the top right corner to instantly load spam! @ProductHunt, what is going on with this?
Finally some products I can get behind. Now they just need to expand to other music services...
@dielawn714 What other services do you have in mind? :P
@dielawn714 if they will try to do the same on Apple Music I think this website/service will go down in 1 or 2 minutes 😁 it's better for them to stay in the shadow 😄