MP01 Mobile Phone

A simple, distraction-free phone for calling & texting

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Oh man, I'd get this if it didn't cost more than my iPhone did... too hip. too hip.
@brittanymetz I got this instead, $50, works fantastically for texts and calls and nothing else.
@chrisfnicholson @brittanymetz that style doesn't suit me :P
@brittanymetz I love the idea and the look, but at that price it feels a little like a Vertu phone for minimalists.
@chrisfnicholson @brittanymetz i'll just stick to leaving my phone in airplane mode for most of the day.
Looks nice/utilitarian, seems like it should cost way less. Can't see it getting traction at the current price.
@igamebank Like 10x less.
Wow, the price... I recomend Just 5 phones if you need something simple. Check this one out:
I use a simple (way cheaper and better looking) Nokia when i want to disconnect on vacation. In general an highly recommended idea.
dat price point tho