This extension helps you control more of your web activity from Facebook by isolating your identity into a separate container. This makes it harder for Facebook to track your activity on other websites via third-party cookies.

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Great job!! Expecting this for Google Chrome ?😊
@ayush_chandra I was just about to ask the same question... Safari, too. Deleting FB isn't an option for globe trotting immigrants like me with family spread out across the world. I would love sth like this on all my browsers.
@abadesi Absolutely True !!
@ayush_chandra @abadesi I too cannot delete Facebook completely ( although I removed the app from my phone ), because most of my logins use Facebook.

RIP Facebook





How do I know the container is working?
This is the same thing, isn't it?
@akdm_ I don't think so. I think that add-on just sandboxes the account without blocking the cookies. This container is something like Incognito, it isolates facebook from anything else you do on the web.
@tsoulichakib That's almost the same thing then. I use it and when I open two different containers on Facebook, I can login into my personal and work account separately. But if I go to another website within one of the containers, ads and other stuff can be retrieved from/by Facebook. But I think I can make some rules to prevent this, not sure.
@tsoulichakib @akdm_ they are not the same. This container is a completely isolated sandbox for Facebook to run in.
@tsoulichakib @maxfalstein That's the same thing if you tell the plugin to make by default to a specific container: You just have to create a container named "Facebook" (or whatever), and thick "Always open in Facebook": Then when you open a new tab and type in the url bar for the first time after installing the Container plugin, you will have the following: You must do the same with if you use it, too. However (and I don't know how it works with the "Facebook Container" plugin), when you click on a external link from Facebook, it will still be in the "Facebook" container. I assume they then will be able to track you because of this.
@tsoulichakib @akdm_ in your second comment, you stated "if I go to another website within one of the containers, ads and other stuff can be retrieved from/by Facebook" which is correct for the plugin you linked. This sandbox container only works for Facebook. Nothing can interact with the Facebook container, only Facebook services.

Adding a sandboxed container for a single website is a temporary fix to an ethical and legal problem whilst the technical solution has been provided to developers and professional users in the form of Ghost Browser 2.

For Firefox users, this is a good start; it has worked well on my Firefox test rig.

I have been using Ghost Browser since it was launched on Product Hunt and Ghost Browser 2 since it was made available for beta testing.

The containerisation of the sessions and tasks in Ghost Browser 2 will not be fully replicated in any mainstream browsers but a few containers should be included in every browser for social media services until and possibly after legislation updates occur.


Containerisation of all facebook pages and services


Facebook is still be used; it only works for Facebook (for now)