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This looks pretty full featured - it's got task management, collaboration, chat and screensharing. And it's free to use the basic version (which doesn't look very basic at all). Would love to hear if anyone's been using this a while!
Have started using Moxtra again after seeing some of the latest releases. My favorites on the iOS app are: 1. "Binders" that you can create your own workspace. And different binders under different categories. 2. Chat, files, to-dos, meetings all under each binder, within easy reach - good UI design. 3. You can comment on anything - even when you are recording a document. 4. Screen capture and record a document. Record a meeting. Both shared with all the members of a binder automatically. 5. Share a text message or record your voice and share with everyone in a binder. Great when you are mobile. You can then share a video from your photo library if that's not enough. You can share a document from Dropbox or a link from the web or a note from Evernote or your location. In the same chat window you can share a whiteboard which you can draw and record at the same time ... now that's cool... others can then leave voice or text comments to the whiteboard that you just draw and recorded. Installing back Moxtra app back to my Mac and see if I can find a good use for it. But so far, I am impressed with all the enhancements to the app over the last year. And it is fast. ps. Moxtra is not like Slack; it is a "live/recorded file/voice/video sharing app for work" IMO.
Just upvoted...serving UpNixt well for team collaboration on UX.
looks like they've pivoted