Lawn Mowing On Demand (from the makers of Plowz)

Hey all! I'm part of the team (mainly product designer) behind Plowz & Mowz - AMA
Hey @KristoferTM! Plowz (on-demand snow plows) was one of the early products shared on Product Hunt. How are you solving the chicken and egg problem, Kris? @schlaf - here's another service to add to your uberification article. :)
@rrhoover Plowz was! Got a lot of helpful feedback last time - hoping for the same this go-round ;) We updated Plowz and added Mowz to it (vs launching a separate app for just Mowz) to leverage everything we already worked for - downloads, home addresses, account info, etc. Also, pretty much every single Provider we had for Plowz is now putting their snow plows away and greasing up their lawn mowers (ie: most do both depending on the season). So launching Mowz is easy compared to last time haha
I loved the plowz idea! this is also awesome!