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MOVIST was one of the first 2.0 launch apps and continues to be awesome with all the recent updates. This is one of my favorite integrations and I use it all the time at the theater.
@barnt thanks a lot Justin. MOVIST wouldn't be the same without the awesomeness of 2.0 API.
If you need a tool to manage your movies, MOVIST is the app you are looking for! Available on iPhone, iPad and now for Apple Watch! Working with v2
We started MOVIST as a side project in March 2014. Our first version was just about searching for movies and marking them as collected. The idea was to keep track of the many movies we physically and digitally purchased. We soon discovered a lot of users were interested in MOVIST but wanted a lot more functionalities... and we did too. It’s now been more than a year and a half during which we released 10 major versions of MOVIST, adding features like 2.0 synchronization, check in, more lists, a "tinder like" discover functionality or the ability to scan a movie barcode to find it. MOVIST is currently available on the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Watch. We are going to release MOVIST 1.11 with an awesome Browse section in a couple of days. If you want to have a peek at our handpicked movie lists, go to and tell us what you think about it.  Don’t hesitate to send your movie list ideas or to send us the link of your custom list on
MOVIST 1.11 has been released today - Don't hesitate to ask us anything here. We're open and we would like to hear what you have to say about that new version.
Quick update about MOVIST... Since the version 1.11 of MOVIST, we are featuring some lists in-app and on the web ( Most of them are managed by our team but other are other trakt user's list. Now we would like to give you the opportunity to get your list featured in MOVIST. For this, we launched a web page : Share your best movie lists with us. We won't be able to feature everyone but we hope to have the greatest list of movie lists and improve MOVIST user experience with your help. Thanks.