Moving Nomads

Mobile tips platforms for Digital Nomads

Tips to help you find the best WiFi cafes, co-working spaces, sim cards & connect with other Digital Nomads. With data on over 300 cities and hundreds of tips.

Siddhant Tiwari
Shivam Vahia
Raj Shah
  • Pros: 

    Simplicity, all the information right at your finger tips.

    Helps with all of your traveling needs.


    I believe that this is the first app of its kind. A bit chippy at times, but update has fixed that.

    Highly recommend for anyone who loves to travel or someone who wants all of their traveling research in one simple app. Love it!

    Raj Shah has used this product for one week.
Hello Product Hunt! We spent most of the year working on Moving Nomads which is a tips platform for Digital Nomads and people trying to work while traveling. Moving Nomads gives you tips to help you find the best WiFi cafes, co-working spaces, coliving spaces, sim cards & connect with other Digital Nomads. Satyajit and I spent a lot of time traveling around SE Asia and Europe last year and always found it difficult to find the right places to work while traveling. Digital Nomad groups on Facebook and Reddit have plenty of posts on a regular basis with members asking for these recommendations, which was repetitive and very unorganized. User generated tips are the foundation of the app, which provide users recommendations based on previous experiences of people. So far we've managed to collect data on over 300 cities and hundreds of curated tips. Looking forward to your feedback on our app! 😺
@shashwatpradhan Have a look at the concept of "welcome kits for digital nomads" we worked on: We shut down @ohheyworld, so you won't be able to look at the actual welcome kits anymore. I still love the idea, however getting enough user generated content into the system to make it a valuable product for travelers is a big challenge indeed. I wish you the best of luck!
@ohheyworld @drewmeyers hey Drew thanks for writing. We got our data researcher to curate hundreds of tips and we also researched data points for over 300 cities to have content for Digital Nomads to begin with.
@shashwatpradhan yeah, this can work for the nomad segment for sure. The challenge is broadening the appeal/usefulness to the average traveler -- and figuring out how to reach them organically without spending huge amounts in user acquisition costs.
@drewmeyers definitely agree with what you said. Thinking of how to make it organically interesting for a wider range. Would love to stay connected with you.
I had to research on digital nomads and was thinking of something similar, just today itself. Shashwat awesome job man! Let me know if you need any branding or UI/UX help. :)
@pntrivedy Good to hear from you Prerak! We've got Satyajit, a Product Designer onboard as my co-founder on this. But looking forward to your feedback for sure.
@shashwatpradhan : I'll be trying the product this week and let you know. :)