Movin Icons 2

120+ Animated vector icons for interfaces.

Animated vector icons, simple to use as much as old boring SVG icons. Can be used on all platforms. 📱 🖥
120+ Movin Icons, you can use with any projects and also you can edit every detail with the power of Lottie ⚡
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11 Reviews5.0/5
Requested IconJar to support these files formats so that it will be a part of my icons repository...
Hi, 👋 @satbirarora Thanks for your comment. We also want this, but it is not possible for now. If you like to add SVG files to IconJar, you can add by drag & drop Icons folder.
Every web developer's dream, thanks for creating this :)
@human_a Thanks for lovely comment! :)
Looks amazing @huseyin_gayiran ! I love it dude.
Thanks for your lovely comment! @oguz_yagiz_kara
Very easy to use, you get icons in all needed formats such as After Effects, JSON etc