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I'm always in favour of products that make it easier to introduce more organisation into my life. This introduces a tagging system into your movies, so you can keep track of films you've watched and films you want to watch.
@riaface Thanks for the submission Ria. Super excited! If anyone has any questions fire away :)
This is quite a nice product, and I love the design, I currently use Letterboxd for this purpose but am always on the look out for new tools to manage my growing Blu-ray collection. What sort of advantages does this have over Letterboxd?
@ryanstubbs Hey Ryan. Thanks! Great to hear you love the design. I'm also a letterboxd fan too! I built movietag to really focus on the organisation side of things and to offer power features such as the ability to search through individual tags. I've also tried to focus on making the whole experience as fast and easy to use as possible. Movetag will easily support tags of 10,000's of movies!
@rossholdway @ryanstubbs a letterboxd sync would be awesome
Yeah that's fair enough! Well done on getting it made. The thing that I hate about Letterboxd is how slow the website is so hopefully this is a good alternative to their watchlist feature! Edit: this was meant to be a reply to @rossholdway, I think I replied to the wrong thing.
this is really cool solution to my problem with keeping track of all hundreds of my movies stored on an external hard drive. thank!
This looks slick. Just signed up. Wondering how is it different from IMDB? We can make different playlists there too. Just curious ๐Ÿ˜„
@bubbly_ank Hey Ankita, thanks for the signup! IMDB's awesome, but with movietag the idea is to offer a fast and more powerful list/tag feature (such as the ability to search your tags). I also have lots of new features lined up which should build on this! :)