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Another side project of mine. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Note that at the moment recommendations are just globally popular movies, however personal recommendations is something I'd love to implement.
@gilbitron do you plan to expand your recommendation engine into other genres? I'd love great book recommendations :)
@eriktorenberg At the moment we're focusing on movies but hopefully in time we could expand to other niches.
@gilbitron I'm a fan of email-based products like this. I'd like to see lesser known movies rather than big budget films I'm going to hear about anyway.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. I'm the same, personally I find my most useful project is a Twitter email digest app. A personal recommendation engine is something I'm looking into.
@eriktorenberg @gilbitron If you decide to do some book related version, would love to help. We have a large pool of reviewers/readers and almost 6 years of rating recommendations. (We've been considering doing an email newsletter, but it was going to be hand curated, not running off a recommender.)
@SacBookReviewer Hi Ross. Thanks will keep that in mind.
@SacBookReviewer keep us posted we would get that on PH... big book fan here! :)
@eriktorenberg That's actually how I actually got into the book review biz. Needed a new opportunity and didn't like most of the ways I was getting books recommended to me. Read the NYT Book Review for 6 weeks without a book that sparked my interest so decided to start my own. Six years later (and several biz model changes) we're still doing it, even though the app business is the major part of my attention. Having 1000 new books each month flowing through the office keeps me in reading materials. (Maybe we need a PH book club?)
@SacBookReviewer @rrhoover yes to PH book club! how would you recommend we start Ross? also, awesome story. i'm about to check out your reviews :) side note: i've been looking for book communities but haven't been to impressed with goodreads or shelfari
@eriktorenberg We don't have a community per se, just doing reviews. Thought about it a couple of times, but didn't have the ability to both build and sustain it. Reviews are at Covers 40+ genres and about 300 books a month. As for a PH book club, I'd do something like what you already have. Voting board to select one book each month, set up a radio interview with the author (we already do that at and set up an online comments to discuss. Downside to it, the larger the group, the harder to find a book that fits everyone. Some people only read non-fiction, others don't want to do modern lit. But we could come up with a pretty good mix. (or set up parallel reading lists, fiction/non-fiction.) Discuss via email?
@gilbitron We have over 2 years of experience with media recommendation engines. Happy to share some insights.
@lalleclausen Hi Lasse. Thanks for chipping in. At the moment I'm looking at using to run my own recommendation engine. Is there anything major I should be looking out for? Does Foundd have an API?
@gilbitron I think would be your best choice.