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suggestion for improvements, guys ?
@pawannitj This is really nice. One problem I've spotted though is that it isn't populating genres for TV shows.
@AsadDhamani yeah ... its currently for movies only . I am planning to include shows too.
@pawannitj Excellent work. Minor thing - but on Mac, it would be nice if it defaulted to the /Movies folder (if that's possible). It would also be really cool if it could suggest some movies based on the movies you have, the actors in those movies, the directors, the genres, etc.
@iemmett great idea about suggestion ... I am definitely going to implement that soon. About default folder ... hmmm ... don't know chrome webkitdirectory provides that ... will check that
Extremely useful! Bookmarking it right away. I had an idea of building an app like this when I was in college (it's still there somewhere down my todo list) but never got the time to actually do it. Glad that someone made it and that too so well!