Create screenshots of entire movies in an instant

A tool which lets you create screenshots of entire movies in an instant.
• Customise look
• Detect shots
• Show in timeline view
• Set in and out points
• Insert and move thumbs
• Select frames
• Save thumbs
• Batch create
• Embed MoviePrint data
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Thanks for all the comments! Just thought that I also write the "long" story about how it came to be: My journey with MoviePrint started out 15 years ago when I wrote my master thesis in architectural theory. It was called "Film space, architecture of the mind". For this I was doing an analysis of a movie for which I had taken over 1200 screenshots and arranged them in a grid. This should help me get a feel for the different scenes, their locations and style. I was fascinated by the outcome and the idea of creating the perfect representation of a movie in a single image. A couple of years later I worked as a motion graphics artist. Part of the job was to create mood boards for clients. These are essentially collages of videos, images or other elements to inspire or visualise your design ideas. But finding specific videos one had archived proofed to be quite time consuming. I figured that browsing a catalog of images is a lot faster than browsing a folder with videos. So I created the first version of my tool allowing you to batch process videos to create contact sheets | index prints | thumbnail views. And as if there weren't already enough names for it I started to call them MoviePrints :-) When I started updating my app last year I based it on the open source computer vision library openCV. Currently it is only used for doing simple shot segmentation and dominant colour extraction, but the possibilities are endless. Goal is to use more computer vision algorithms to create better representations of movies and visually more interesting ways to visualise and navigate time.
Nice! Maybe a collage of photos and as a thumbnail. Good use case thank you!!!!
When working on my own videos, one of my most personally effective and creative ways of getting into an edit quickly is to take key screenshots from every shot and every take, print them, lay them out across the floor, and dive in old school style. I can imagine this will make this process even more efficient and enjoyable! Thanks! Look forward to trying in practice
@nick_savarese ` This is definitely a use case MoviePrint could be used in. • drag in a movie • add a MoviePrint (shot detection based) -> analysis the movie and creates a MoviePrint based on shots • expand specific scenes -> creates MoviePrints for every shot you expand • save all MoviePrints -> batch creates image files from all MoviePrints you have in your list In case you try it out, I would be curious to learn more about how it worked out for you :-)
Nice job Jakob. This looks like a well thought out tool. May I ask what have been your main use cases that you had in mind to develop this?
@robingood The main use cases for MoviePrint currently are • Archiving, to keep track of your movies and speed up browsing • Creation of a visually appealing summary of a movie in a single image • Analysis, to easily browse through a movie, jump into scenes, scrub through shots, analyse motion or do quantitative analysis (work in progress)
@fakob Thank you Jakob. That's interesting. The third element you mention - to easily browse..., jump into scenes, scrub through shots... is clear, in terms of words, but your insight on what you actually mean and had envisioned as possible uses, may be enlightening. *It would seem that some of the things you just described would be done in the app, and not in the print out, am I understanding correctly?
@robingood, you are absolutely right. MoviePrint can mean both, the application as well as the saved image. Sorry for being unclear. The analysis part starts in the application, but could very well end up as a saved image. The use case @nick_savarese points out is an example where it could be saved and printed. Another one is the use case for people who do colour grading. They create a MoviePrint with their selection of thumbs representing their colour styling, save a MoviePrint and then replace the movie with a different styling. Again saving a MoviePrint with new grading. These MoviePrints can then act as style sheets.
possible to give it a movie and export all frames/screenshots in it at once?
@goldy_arora This use case is possible, but not out of the box. Depending on the length of the movie, you can crank up the grid size to get a thumb for every frame. When you then save the MoviePrint you have the option to also save all frames in addition.