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Any reviews on MoviePass? I was considering it, but I thought they had restrictions on same-day releases. The site doesn't mention that so I guess I was wrong?
@nyalex From what I understand, they don't have limits on new releases, but you can't pre-order tickets. You have to buy the ticket when you're within the theater proximity. So for a big blockbuster movie on opening weekend, it will be hard to get a ticket since it will likely be sold out.
@bradenhamm no longer need to be close to the theatre unless that changes again with the new update
@nyalex I use it all the time. No restrictions on same day releases.
@nyalex I was a long time member when they were still in beta until they kicked me off because I ordered an IMAX movie via the AMC app. Even at the $45 a month deal, I was paying, it was worth it to me since I watched a movie 3-5 times a month. I liked that I was able to experiment with movies I wouldn't have ever thought of. For $10, it's a no-brainer
Nice, great for the US cinema-goers. Is the cinema still as popular as it was in the US, or is it declining? Seems to be booming still in the UK, which surprises me if I am honest.
I made this Wednesday evening since I couldn't find a list of locations that they support without downloading the app and signing up for the service. There were a few other websites that provided similar functionality, but they were directly calling the MoviePass api, which kept going down. The entire website is statically hosted including search results, so it has been able to handle the traffic with no problems! The only problem I ran into is that Google Maps API has a hard cap at 100k map views per day, with no way to easily increase this. Happy to answer any questions you might have!
@xur17 found this, perhaps they should talk to you!
@airjoshb Haha, definitely! I wouldn't be surprised if they add a location search tool to their website in the future. It seems like an obvious tool.
Which you can also do from the app...
@airjoshb I find this helpful as someone who is interested in the service, but has no idea what theaters near me would be available. It's not listed on their site, which seems like it would be a no-brainer.
@airjoshb actually I downloaded it to see if there where theaters around and it gave me no results. This was very helpful because it confirmed that there are in fact theater around me that will accept movie pass.
@bertolabrett I've had the service and app for over a year and while the app has a ton of issues, there is a location link that finds theaters pretty consistently and you can search by where you are at or a different location.
@bertolabrett @airjoshb right but you have to sign up for the paid service in order to access the locations in the app.. if you sign up and it turns out there are no locations near you.. too bad?
@bertolabrett @jonathanmoyal agreed, hence "the app has a ton of issues"