Unlimited movies in theaters for just $30/month

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2015

MoviePass is your way to watch any movie you want, anytime you want for a fixed monthly subscription price. Get your movie card and the MoviePass app for iPhone or Android, and go grab some popcorn because you can start your cinema marathon!

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Used it for 3 months and of the 7 times that I used it, it failed to work 6 times. Each time it failed, I had to call their customer support team to fix the issue with the card (always on their end) resulting in me being late for my movie. The time before I decided to cancel, their system was down and the automated call support center said to "please pay for the ticket email them to receipt and they would reimburse me". After this experience I decided to cancel because it was ABSURD to pay for a service that only worked 10% of the time. Also, when I canceled they wanted to charge me a $75 cancellation fee for breaking their 'annual membership' which I never knew I had signed up for when I began their proposed "monthly subscription". My two other friends who had moviepass both had similar experiences and also chose to cancel. In essence, great idea, terrible execution. They have serious work to do from service to product. Would not recommend until they fix these issues.
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@sophiaedm How long ago was this?
@sophiaedm sorry for the bad experience, Sophia. We do list the subscription as an annual plan, maybe that should be made clearer? The technical issues are definitely something we're working to improve right now and looking forward. Appreciate the feedback!
@eman21 yup, definitely should be made clearer and highlight this $75 charge. good luck!
I love this service. The experience is seamless and they have all the movie theatres participating in my area.
@brettdem thanks for the support, Brett!
With the cost of movies these days, go to 2 movies a month and it pays for itself. Great idea!
I love this service and they even implemented an idea I suggested. You have to checkin before you purchase your ticket, but going to movies in NYC, you never know before you checkin if it's sold out. They now have a simple solution, if sold out you can now click and checkin to a different movie. Great service and awesome default date night activity. Highly Recommend!
@johnmurch much appreciated, John, and thanks for the post!
@eman21 my pleasure, one other thought - purchasing tickets in advance, would be a killer feature, especially in NYC. As mentioned by @stefanwild, since you now require a 24 hour window from one movie to the next, you could limit the purchase of a ticket to be 24 hours after the last one. Just a thought :)
@stefanwild @johnmurch yup, advanced ticketing is the dream! We're well on our way with the E-Ticketing/Seat Selection testing I mentioned in the thread with @irvingtorresyc.
Hum, something we'd be interested in, but not happy if its annual commitment prior to using it for a month or two. My wife likes going to movies more than I, but I think part of my problem is spending $11 for a movie I'm happy to wait for on Netflix. So all-you-can-eat movies settles that, and it has both indy theaters we'd use fairly often. However I also don't want to deal with issues described by @sophiaedm . Not good on the nights we're able to breakaway and get some personal time.
@golocalapps appreciate the feedback, Ross! After the first 12 months, there's no further commitment, so you can cancel at any time without a fee. There's also a 2 week free trial to see if it would be worth it for you before committing to the full year. Issues with functionality are being addressed and we're committed to lowering our error rate considerably over the next few months. Not a complete solve for your pain points, but hope the info helps!