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This is like PopcornTime on steroids. You can browse the catalog by genres, directors, actors, writers, ratings, time periods or specific years and mix them all. Stream in HD and Full-HD + get subtitles for all movies. The catalog is decentralized and always online. The moviepanda app doesn't rely directly on any website or web service being online in order to work, in fact Moviepanda doesn't even host a movie catalog of any kind. Each Moviepanda installation finds movies and movie metadata on its own and then shares this information with the network so the content is always available even when the sources go down. What do you all think? Can this exist or will it be killed?
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@bramk Most likely depends on if content providers want to create issues. If they want this thing to die, then they will have an uphill battle ahead of them win or lose. I'm rooting for them, but the realist in me says no it will not make it through the future legal battles.
@bramk actually, I think this is just a frontend on top of Popcorn Time. So it's not "like" PopcornTime... it IS PopcornTime! :)
Not touching this. The "getting sued" part of these kind of apps is way too scary.
Look like this project distribute illegal content. Bcs they are involve us to that process (they save files on our disks) we are a subject of legal actions from content distribution companies. Not looks like user-oriented project ;)
So it worked and we are up and running really easily. I thought it might be like a torrent-esque file sharer, however the movies are streaming instantly in HD... Awesome.
146MB?? WHAAT ? for what?
@altryne And that's zipped. Unzipped it's 290 MB. Even iTunes is only 230 MB these days.
@thetylerhayes What in the world justifies this size?
@altryne because it contains VLC 2.1.5 embedded within the app — which accounts for 120MB. The MoviePandaApp, in contrast, weighs in around 70MB. It also appears to embed a webkit rendering engine, which is also 70MB. Lots of heavy dependencies in here.
@chrismessina whyyyy would I need an embedded VLC? I have vlc, that's stupid