Keep track of your favorite movies & TV shows 🍿

Keep track of your favorite movies & TV shows! See where to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes. 🎬

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Thanks for hunting us, Dan! Hi all! We’re Nathaniel and Aaron, the makers of MovieList 🍿. We love watching movies and shows, and we love building products. We put the two together and built MovieList! MovieList helps you keep track of your favorite movies & TV shows. A few of MovieList’s features include: - Save what movies you want to watch for later and remember all the awesome movies you’ve already seen. - Discover the upcoming and in-theater films. - Get recommended movies based on your watchlist. - Get tickets on the fly with Fandango. - See where your favorite movies and shows are available on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, or Amazon. Our aim is to create the best way to stay connected with the content you love. We hope you enjoy it and we’d love to hear any feedback or ideas you might have! 😄
@nathaniel_adams just curious, for the app store screenshots/pictures, did you use some app or did you make them yourself?
@ljupcho Thanks for the question! I made the gif using Adobe AE and the screenshots using Sketch.
Being myself a maker of "Movie Market Cap" (, this MovieList is attractive, simple and ease to use. @nathaniel_adams , great work :)
@abhkes_krishna Wow, thank you! That means a lot!
Great app ! When will you add support for HBO GO ?
@vlntnrdrgz Great question. Acquiring movie/show availability on streaming platforms is a really tricky problem to solve. HBO and Youtube are two platforms we're looking into adding next. =)
The TV function doesn't make sense, as it doesn't have episode capability? You can only mark the entire thing as watched.
@amyers I agree! If a series is still running, toggling it as watched is entirely unhelpful. We're working on building an episode/season watchlist right now for our next update. If you're interested, I'd be happy to let you know when we launch that feature! Feel free to email me at
Is it possible to get notifications about new episodes of tv shows in my "to watch" list? :)
@klz6op That actually sounds super useful. I'm going to talk to my co-founder about ways we can implement that. Thanks a ton for the suggestion!