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MovieLaLa wants to be the best movie app where you can discover upcoming movies you actually like, find friends to go to the movies, buy tickets, all in one app! We love movies, stars and want to build the ultimate movie app for movie fans. If you're a movie fan, or movie star follower, let me know how we can make MovieLaLa the best movie app on your phone.
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@luckyloberg congrats on the launch, Dana! What inspired you to build this? How difficult is it to get influencers involved compared to other industries? for our own research, we just went to sundance and have been talking to people at the center of entertainment and tech like yourself. It's two different worlds, to be sure, but they're earnestly trying to learn each others language & collaborate. it's exciting.
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik. We were tired of the fragmented market around discovery, sharing, social (non-existant) on old existing websites. We were inspired to build something that reflects the 21st century, mobile, personalized and social when it comes to movies and movie going. We've been working very closely with Hollywood to bring digital and mobile more into the forefront and power their strong content with technology and tools that movie fans want. Hollywood is an interesting and creative group of people who are intelligent and fun to work with. Bring technology to an already engaging content is even more exciting from my standpoint. Technology is having a major influence on Hollywood and I'm happy to see them collaborating and working together. Finally.
Not only is this a great product that I need (I'm tired of Googling "Movies like Knocked Up"), but Dana is doing serious work in bridging LA <> SV. That's a huge deal.
@brankocerny @luckyloberg How can Product Hunt further help you & those who are interested in bridging LA <> SV?
@brankocerny @eriktorenberg Product Hunt is a great place to discover new app, platforms and technologies. Obviously PH would like to move into other verticals: gaming, movies, tv, etc... Product Hunt has the capability to be the new reddit for multiple verticals (not just for techies!!!)
Thanks John. Appreciate it. We've been busy building relationships and really merging tech and entertainment. As well as improved our app on a constant basis :) It's been quite an adventure.
@luckyloberg, it's great to see how far you guys have come over the last couple years. congrats!
The more you use MovieLaLa, the smarter its Hollywood Feed gets. While that's one of the features I like about it, it's easy-to-use interface enables the users to navigate inside the app fluently. The app is getting better day by day with great updates, keep it up the team!