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MovieGeeks is a minimalist online movie catalog to keep track of the movies you want to see and to rate movies you already watched.
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Very tiny, nice to see! Does it support some kind of import from imdb or @letterboxd?
@niklaspivic666 Right now there is no import feature, but I think that is a very good idea, I am definitely adding that to the roadmap, thanks for the feedback! :)
I do appreciate how minimal it is! Is there a roadmap of features you're hoping to add in the future?
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron, yeah the main feature I want to add is for discoverability of new movies to see, I want to do in such a way that is simple, makes sense and provides accurate results to the users. Is not gonna be based on IMDB or RottenTomatoes reviews and is not gonna be the common algorithm that finds "similar" movies. Don't want to share the details of it but I am working on it and I really think is gonna be great. Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)
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