Movie Medium

Predict Rotten Tomatoes scores against coworkers in Slack.

Take water cooler chats about upcoming movies to the next level with Movie Medium, a game in Slack where you predict the Rotten Tomatoes scores of upcoming movies against your coworkers.
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Microsoft Teams please.
This is a neat idea! I would love to have something like this as an iMessage app so I could pay it with people outside the office.
@julianbaker Totally agree! I originally built it for GroupMe, just b/c that's my friends' go-to chat platform. If this gets some sizable traction as-is, I'd love to expand to iMessage and other platforms for sure.
I love discussing movies with my friends and coworkers. One particularly enticing type of movie convo is attempting to predict the Rotten Tomatoes scores of movies that haven't come out yet, based just on the trailer, cast, etc. Any time I bring it up with anyone, it turns into a fun debate with everyone passionately defending their prediction. I wouldn't be surprised if you've done the same at some point, or something similar. So after tons of informal bets and a short-lived spreadsheet, I built a full-fledged game that integrates with Slack, so coworkers can have some fun together and take their water cooler chats about movies to the next level.