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We are huge movie lovers and we always wanted a way to discover the right movie at the right moment. This is what Movie Genie is all about; set your movie preferences (e.g. Comedy, after 1990, rating > 7.5) and get a list of great movies that match these criteria. Also avaIlable for Android TV and Apple TV! Any feedback / comments / feature requests are more than welcome!
Hi, I love this idea but I was wondering if you'd considered IMDB integration? They have my watchlist and a good number of ratings that would help guide recommendations. When I used your tool, I was mostly offered films that I'd already seen, which was a good sign, but a little frustrating! I see you have an 'ignore' list but it would be great for it to be filled automatically...
@pippateer Thank you for the feedback! We have some kind of integration with IMDb in the Android version. You enter the url of your public ratings RSS and the movies you 've rated are added to the Ignore list. We will consider more integrations with IMDb in future versions. Thanks again! :)
@stefigreg Great to hear! More fool me for using iOS ;)
I think this is a great app. A great addition would be a random feature; like shaking your phone would set a set of parameters :).
@tsunaze Actually that's a great idea! Or start playing a random movie trailer. We will consider it for the next version of MG. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
@tsunaze Agreed. Sometimes movies are about going outside of what you normally like to watch and be completely surprised or caught off-guard. I remember watching a beautiful life (the French movie) and being completely blown away... Random feature +1
@davidsfeng this is my main problem on Netflix!
I love this app. I would also like to have Rotten Tomatoes rating in it.
@pravin_ajaaz Thank you for the feedback, we will consider Rotten Tomatoes ratings in future versions.
how did you guys manage to parse IMDB? I was under the impression they don't have a public api, my guess is using this service ? either way great work!
@rickats Glad you like it ! :)